Game PR and Press Releases

The first rule of of gamedev-promotion club is: please make a press kit. Having a fancy website is nice and important, but having all the information someone (a game journo? that annoying guy who runs could want in one easily accessible place is even better. Take a look at Rami Ismail’s presskit() – a great tool for setting up everything you need in one hour. It’s free, it looks great, it’s worth it, do it.

Second thing: get a Twitter account, if you haven’t got one already. No matter how ridiculous the thought of communicating in 140-character fragments might seem to you, there are tons of people out there who are reading them. Lots of other indie devs you can talk to and even more potential customers. Oh, and game journalists are using it. All of them. So go out there and talk; it’s actually really easy to start a conversation with someone you don’t know. You might even like it.

Don’t underestimate the power of Reddit. Posting about your game there can get you tons of feedback and it’ll get you exposure to a huge group of people that should be interested in what you do. Just remember to be a part of the ensuing discussion. This is not something to just dump there and disappear. Answering questions and being an altogether awesome person is mandatory. For starters, try the sub-reddits /r/indiegaming and, if your game is currently discounted, /r/gamedeals.

So you have a shiny new press kit and the next thing you’re thinking of is sending it to RPS and Kotaku? Well yes, but don’t forget the smaller websites! There are tons of little blogs and websites interested in indie games. Target those as well. They don’t get as much traffic as the big sites, but they might even review your game and give you something quotable for your website. And if there are some issues with your game that need fixing, it sure is better to have them in a smaller review than on the front page of a big gaming website, right? It is also a lot easier to contact writers from smaller sites – they are all on Twitter, after all.

further recommended reading:

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more stuff coming soon…


One thought on “Game PR and Press Releases

  1. A word of caution about Reddit’s /r/indiegaming: you might end up hit by a wall of negative energy after a simple announcement about your game.

    First, there is a hateful attitude towards released games. People are likely to compliment you on something you scribbled in Paint and called it “screenshot from out in-development game”. But if you post something about a released game (that they haven’t even played), they’ll so “kindly” point out how much your game sucks, your trailer sucks, the graphics are not up to their expectations, and of course, the game is too expensive. It should be $1 or free, nevermind that it’s a PC game, not iOS, and that it’s your choice what price you set for it.

    Second, there are indie devs who downvote your post and write about the same kind of comments, with the underlining message that the players should check out *their* games instead of wasting time with yours. Which is petty, in my opinion.

    So be prepared to deal with this kind of mind wrenching comments. Much like Steam Greenlight.

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