Digital Distributors and Payment Processors

Payment Processors

If you want to sell your game directly from your website, take a look at the ever-excellent Pixel Prospector for this handy list of payment processors.

  • Fastspring – excellent automation, payments easy to obtain for non US-developers
  • BMT Micro – charges VAT on top of the sale price (EU customers pay roughly $=€)

Thinking of having expiring download links for the games you sell? Please don’t do that.

Digital Distributors

If you prefer to have your game distributed by a third party, there are quite a few shops who might be willing to do that for you. Keep in mind that they usually charge you 20-30% for their services. All of these places are easy to contact and will probably ask you for a review copy, so in case your game isn’t done yet, be sure to have at least a preview copy ready.

DRM-free Steam Keys Widget
The Humble Store submit Yes Yes Yes  needs an ITIN
IndieGameStand submit Yes Yes Yes  upload Yes Yes Yes  revenue split optional
Fireflower Games submit Yes No No
GOG submit Yes No No
Gamersgate details Yes Yes  No
Green Man Gaming contact Yes Yes No
Playism submit Yes  Yes No
Playfield submit Yes  Yes No
Steam submit No No No  $100 Greenlight fee

3 thoughts on “Digital Distributors and Payment Processors

  1. For us, IndieGameStand has been the most hassle free digital distributor. Their developer portal is easy to use and has pretty much all the common options you need. Their support has also been quick to respond to our emails.

    On the other hand, with Humble things have been pretty cryptic, but I think they’re actively working to improve the submission and all.
    It was also a not particularly pleasant surprise to discover about the foreign taxpayer number. We still don’t know what that is and how to get it. Yes, the information is probably online, but we haven’t had the time to Google it.

    In any case, there is a form you can use now instead of emailing them directly, it’s probably a new addition:

    Desura is also a bit unclear as to how you can submit a game, because apparently the game can’t be “brand new”, but we haven’t found any clear indication about what they mean by “brand new” exactly.

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