Lenna’s Inception (Tom Coxon)


Homepage / Win, Mac, Linux / Demo / $5.99 (buy from itch.io or through Humble Widget) / Early Access

“With the hero dead, who will save the world? More importantly, who will find Lenna’s students?

Lenna’s Inception is an action-adventure game with procedurally generated locations. It has a Gameboy-like aesthetic and a top-down view. The gameplay consists of action-driven combat segments, seeking out new items and upgrades, and solving simple puzzles.


-Huge procedurally generated world, different every time you play
-8 permadeath challenges with an online leaderboard
-Pets that offer to fight alongside you with their own AI
-Beautiful Game Boy-style pixel art with occasional gory scenes
-Meaningful narrative (under development)
-Chiptune soundtrack composed by Warfreak2″

Reviews: Fully Avenged


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