Change in management!

Over the last couple weeks, Buy Some Indie Games has undergone some changes. Thomas Faust, who founded the site back in 2012, has moved on and instead of him, two other Germans have taken over BSIG: Roberto (@Polygonien) and Pascal (@indieflock). Roberto will provide content because he is awesome at discovering great indie games, while Pascal will also provide some posts and do the boring administrative stuff.

Also, there is a new Twitter account associated with the site: @followBSIG will share posts, retweet interesting indie games and devs and maybe offer the occasional giveway. If you like to be kept up to date, consider following us there as well as via e-mail!

For you who use Buy Some Indie Games, there won’t be a lot of changes. You will even discover (hopefully!) that there will be a lot more content than before, as you might have seen in the last weeks. We are only two people, but we are dedicated to keeping this fantastic site up and running.

The most notable change, content-wise, might be that we will also include some free games into the catalogue. It was always a rule of Thomas to not include those, because it’s BUY some indie games, after all. But we would like to acknowledge that there are a lot of great and important game projects going on that are absolutely free, like the first two we put up, Behind The Wallpaper and Takume. However, since buying games is good for developers, we try to put up only those free games that let you give tips to developers – mostly via Buy games, help people!

Other than that, keep using BSIG like you always did. Of course Thomas’ fantastic PR tutorials for gamedevs are still online and will be (probably) forever. Who knows, we might even find time to add to that section?

If you have comments, questions, helping offers or anything at all, feel free to approach us. We want to make this an essential site for indie gaming lovers as we ourselves are. Any help is very much appreciated!

And if you are a dev and you are looking for someone to localize your game into German, you should probably contact Thomas. He is a really good game translator! He also writes for now, so go have a look if you miss him.


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