Play for Peru (charity giveaway!)


Games are not only fun but also help people to get through some pretty rough times. Not only through playing, but also through donating that hard-earned developer money to people that suffer. In Peru, people are suffering. That’s why a bunch of indie developers got together and built Play for Peru, a bundle for charity. All earnings will go to Peru!
I will just take the liberty of quoting the initiator of Play for Peru, @RatCasket on the cause of the bundle:

There has been MASSIVE flooding and lots of mudslides that has left thousands of families without homes. These are people that did not have much to begin with and now have lost it all. Most are living on their roofs with no shelter from the elements. Their homes have been filled with mud or washed away and so their food and water is also gone.

The things they need most are drinking water, food staples (rice, noodles, potatoes, beans…things that can fill your belly without much preparation), tents or even just sheets of plastic to cover them from the rain while they make their new temporary homes on their roofs.

The average household income in these areas is around 40 USD a week. Any donation is extremely helpful. All proceeds from the purchase of these games will be donated to those in need.

Now for the part that probably got you here: I have three of those lovely Play for Peru bundles to give away here. They are all paid for, not given to me by the devs. So you will be able to revel in the fact that you did something for charity, just without paying out of your own pocket! All you have to do is leave a comment here or on the BSIG Twitter account @followBSIG.

If you leave a tweet, you should follow us as well, so we can inform you if you win! Also, you should probably follow us anyway if you love indie games, since we do too 🙂

I will randomly select the three winners on Tuesday, February 7th around noon. So if you do not win, you will still have two days time to buy the bundle anyway since it is fantastic.


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