Mute Crimson+ (Iced Lizard Games)


Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux / $4.99 / (buy via Humble Widget or or Steam)

“Be a ninja and go on an action platforming adventure to save the world. Climb walls, slice up bad guys, master tricky platforming sequences and face ruthless bosses.

Key Features :

  • Seven worlds full of ninja platforming challenges.
  • Cutscenes to add to the story.
  • Intense boss battles.
  • Carefully limited color palette.
  • Authentic NES/Famicom compliant chiptune soundtrack.
  • Optional collectibles and hidden secrets for experts.
  • Numerous extras and challenge modes to unlock.

Colorblind Mode available for people that cannot see red very well, or for people who really like the color blue!”


One thought on “Mute Crimson+ (Iced Lizard Games)

  1. I second this recommendation. Mute Crimson was one of the best games available on Xbox Live Indie Games when it released in 2011, and the “plus” version refines the entire experience and improves it to the point that it’s essentially an entirely new game. Well worth checking out for the ‘ninja enthusiast’ crowd.

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