The Sea Will Claim Everything (Jonas & Verena Kyratzes)


Homepage / Win & Linux / Demo / $10 (buy directly via Humble Widget or from Steam) / get the soundtrack here (Pay What You Want)

“This is a game that I would have loved to have played when I was just getting into computer games. I love it now, too, but I think in making it I tried to go back to thinking about games as I did back then: full of enthusiasm, without cynicism, before I heard of game design dogma and strange debates about what makes a game a proper game. It’s just the sort of game that would have made little Jonas happy, that he could have spent hours exploring and playing with. […] It’s also a very personal game. It’s a game about home and about family, about having roots in the land (not necessarily the land you were born in) and about standing up for justice and equality. These aren’t abstract ideological issues, they are things that concern me deeply, more so right now than ever. The game is unapologetically political, philosophical and emotional. And silly in all the ways that amuse me.”

Review: The Backlog Journey / Adventure Classic Gaming / Ludus Novus


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