Grim Dawn (Crate Entertainment)


Homepage / Win / $24.99 (buy directly (Humble Widget), from the Humble Store, or from Steam)

“Grim Dawn is an Action-RPG with some more traditional role-playing elements such as quests with choice and consequence. Along with the expected troves of epic loot and complex character development, players can also help rebuild towns to unlock new services and earn favor with different NPC factions to unlock new quests and exclusive rewards.

Unique Features

  • Flexible Dual Class Skill System
  • Devotion
  • Choice and Consequence
  • Faction Questing and Rewards
  • Rescue Survivors and Upgrade the Town
  • Constitution Based Healing
  • Challenge and Rogue-like Dungeons
  • Recipe Crafting
  • Repair Bridges and Explode Barriers
  • Secrets around Every Corner”

Reviews: MMORPG / Rock, Paper, Shotgun


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