Defender’s Quest II: Mists of Ruin (Level Up Labs)

Defender's Quest 2

Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux / $15 (pre-order, buy directly) – pre-order the game and get Defender’s Quest 1 for free!

“After receiving tons of requests for a sequel from fans, and having finished adding new features and content to the original game, we are excited to announce that we are going to be creating Defender’s Quest II! Defender’s Quest II is set in a completely new world, with a brand new cast of characters and an entirely different story from last time.


Everyone’s a Hero!
There’s no more generic units – every character in your party is a named “hero” with a speaking role in the story, we’ve upped the roster from 6 heroes in DEFQ1 to about 12 in DEFQ2, and the diversity in abilities will greatly expand. Each character will have their own class, with a unique customizable skill tree. To make up for the lack of generics, DEFQ2’s classes will have some built-in overlap in their abilities, and some classes will be specialize in summoning monsters!

More Interesting Choices
In addition to the smaller party size, skill trees will focus on bigger decisions and either/or upgrade paths rather than simply increasing this or that by +0.5.

Better Equipment
Equipment will have special abilities. Also, DEFQ2’s equipment system focuses on customizable upgrades to existing items more than disposable stuff that just increases in power linearly. Also, you can equip your turtle-tank with specialized artillery — this replaces Azra’s spells from DEFQ1.

Better Battles
We’re giving the battle system some big upgrades. Not only are the maps bigger, some levels will have destructable terrain which can be changed by both players and enemies. Also, each character’s top-level boost skill will become a new “ultimate” skill with a long cooldown which the player can activate manually at an opportune time. The enemies are getting a boost too – among other new tricks, DEFQ2’s enemies will be able to inflict status effects on defenders.

Cleaner Interface
Choices aren’t interesting if you can’t understand them. We’re ditching the confusing “speed” stat, and taking many other steps to make it as easy as possible to compare abilities and understand exactly what your characters can do.”


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