Lowglow (Rockodile)


Homepage / Win & Mac / $7.99 (buy from itch.io or Steam)

“Lowglow is an audiovisual puzzle journey. You are an astral light drop in the endless sea of darkness, trying to bring shine where it’s needed the most. Glowingly beautiful graphics combined with a dynamic audio environment make sure that Lowglow is an unforgettable, mind-bending experience for you! The gameplay is physics driven and plays with different gravitations, pushes, pulls and portals for starters. The game includes over 100 levels and a level editor is coming soon.

  • Beautiful graphics that play with glow and darkness like no other game before.
  • Tranquil ambient musics combined with dynamic sfx create a soothing and engaging gameplay experience.
  • As the game progresses it offers the player lots of different mechanics to keep the gameplay fresh.
  • All of this is being tied together with a story takes the player on a journey to save the realm of Umbralight.”

Reviews: Rock, Paper, Shotgun / slashcomment.com


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