The Best Indie Games of 2015, Part 1

Welcome to our first-ever “Best Indie Games of the Year” post on Buy Some Indie Games! Thanks to my amazing contributors we were able to pick 10 games of 2015 we particularly liked. So if you have some Christmas money left, go and buy some of these gems… or just browse our little website and find something else to purchase!

screenshot technobabylonTechnobabylon (Technocrat Games / Wadjet Eye Games)

Polygonien: “In a dystopian future where an omnipresent AI controls everything and the cyberspace has become a new drug, an old cop is being blackmailed by someone he doesn’t know, but who seems to know him really well. This is the start of a thrilling story about three people who are about to unveil a big conspiracy. A diverse and surprisingly believable cast as well as great pacing make Technobabylon one of the best point & click adventures in recent history. And as if that wasn’t enough it is wrapped in beautiful pixel art and combined with a great soundtrack. Adventure fans know that Wadjet Eye Games are masters of their craft and this cooperation with Technocrat Games is on par with their original titles.”

lifeisfeudalLife is Feudal: Your Own (BITBOX Ltd.)

falseshepard: “I am usually not a fan of server-based multiplayer online games. But every once in a while, there is this itch to play a game that consumes me, that needs to be played hours and hours with friends to see some progress. And Life is Feudal: Your Own is great in that regard. You can play it alone, but you would be stupid to do so. Grab your friends or make new ones ingame, found a settlement, and slowly work your way from mud huts to castle walls. Everyone is needed, no one can do every job on their own. Life is Feudal forges a bunch of players into a community because, well, living in the Middle Ages is kind of hard if you know how to construct a house but have no one to carpenter the doors and windows for it. I sank a stupid amount of time into Life is Feudal and I plan to sink even more hours into it in 2016.”

HomesickHomesick (Lucky Pause)

womfr: “You wake up all alone in a desolate, but strangely soothing place. As you wander and explore, you’ll be haunted by ghosts of the past and creepy nightmares. A first-person adventure game that is as relaxing as it chilling.”

InvisibleInvisible, Inc. (Klei Entertainment)

Wollmilchkuh: “Take control of Invisible’s agents in the field and infiltrate the world’s most dangerous corporations. Stealth, precision, and teamwork are essential in high-stakes, high-profit missions, where every move may cost an agent their life.” Klei showed everyone how Early Access can be a great addition to the development of games with both Don’t Starve and Invisible Inc. being very successful products in a world of unfinished survival games.

Renowned Explorers: International Society (Abbey Games)

Thomas: “I really liked Abbey Games’ first release, Reus, but I felt that after a short while, the lovely visuals revealed some cracks that just couldn’t conceal the game’s overreliance on mechanics underneath. Renowned Explorers is similarly dependant on game mechanics, number crunching, and the like, but unlike with Reus, this never gets in your way due to the game’s amazing sense of character. Pick a party from a colorful cast of characters and explore the world in whimsical adventures! Each play-through feels different and, most importantly, is a ton of fun. Renowned Explorers is an innovative, amazing mix of genres, and I’m looking forward to its first expansion sometime next year.”

Come back tomorrow for the rest of our recommended indie games of 2015…


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