Subterrain (Pixellore)

subterrain pixellore screenshot

Homepage / Windows / $14.99 (buy from Steam) / Twitter

“Uncompromising Sci-Fi survival on Mars! Manage the entire colony single-handed! Craft, Research, Explore and Fight against evolving mutants. Vast open world and randomly generated levels to explore! Can you survive long enough to escape the horror?


  • Struggle against survival needs such as Thirst, Hunger, Sleeping and Pissing.
  • Beware of conditions like Contamination, Bleeding, Fractures, Exhaustion, and Hypothermia.
  • Scavenge and perform research on the items in your inventory to produce medicines and cures.
  • Feel the pain of death due to suffocation.


  • Fight for your life with melee and ranged weapons.
  • Customize your ranged weapons with modular leveling system.
  • Race against time in this persistent colony infection simulation.
  • Mobs will evolve over time, so destroy them while they are in a cocoon state!
  • Defend the power generator at all cost in the frenzy do or die battle against invasion force.


  • Produce survival items or your next weapon of mass destruction using 3D printer and Bio combiner.
  • Recycle useless junk items into useful crafting block materials.
  • Create rare ores and veggies through mining and farming. Refine them to extract rare crafting materials.
  • Gain access to the advanced items through research. Create your own lightsaber!


  • Explore randomly generated sub levels as well as hand designed levels.
  • Experience location based non-linear story telling.
  • Wonder through open world and make your decision on where to go next.
  • Restore the colony’s habitability by repairing temperature and oxygen generators.
  • Find the clues to escape the horror!”

Reviews (Early Access): 3rd-Strike


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