Quarries of Scred 2 (Darkest Kale)


Homepage / Win / $2.99 $3.99 (buy from itch.io)

“Welcome back to the Quarries of Scred.

You will surely perish. Again.

It’s time for QuarryFest 2215 (it’s a public holiday on Scred), and our heroes have come together to compete! Join Ruby, Crabbens, Bathory, Rankles & Bob as they compete to gain the upper hand within the dark, dangerous Quarries of Scred!

Grab your friends, family or worst enemies and take control.


  • Up to four players! (local multiplayer)
  • Play against the AI for solo practise!
  • Multiple player sprites! -Choose between Bob, Crabbens, Rankler, Bathory & Ruby! (and select a colour for yourself as well!)
  • Multiple Game Modes! – Different types of trials await within the Quarries, including area control based Mycological Melee!
  • Last Drone Standing
  • Team Last Drone Standing
  • Mycological Melee
  • Race Condition
  • Big Gem Hunter
  • Pure Credits
  • Gamepad support! – tested with XBox360 controllers (other controllers sadly untested but may work)
  • Crabbens!
  • Version checking! – This will simply verify you have the latest version – it is NOT DRM, and will not prevent nor track play in any form
  • DRM Free”

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