Immortal Defense (Paul Eres)

Immortal Defense

Homepage / Win / $8.99 (buy from Steam)

“Is there anything you would give up everything to defend? Immortal Defense is a story-driven strategy-based game in which you give up life to traverse pathspace and defend your home world from destruction.

Immortal Defense has been widely praised for the game’s storytelling and unique twist on the tower defense genre, many consider it a cult classic of the subgenre. Its story was written by novelist Jeanne Thornton, and its universe is based on the novel “Raberata” by Robert Bisno. This new Steam release features many improvements over the original release: Steam achievements which grant gameplay bonuses, leaderboards, improved graphics and performance, widescreen support, an improved level editor, and much more.

Immortal Defense has a story-driven campaign with 100 core levels and 50 optional side-quest levels (which can be completed for bonuses that help you with the core levels). The game takes about 20 hours to complete everything in. The game comes with the soundtrack, which is by OCRemixer Long Dao and classical composer Walter Eres. There are also Steam Cards which I actually hand-painted in watercolor just for this Steam release.

The game comes with a level editor, with Steam Workshop support, and 62 levels created by fans. There are 26 types of enemies, each with its own abilities and unique interactions with one another, and 11 types of towers, each of which goes through different forms as they are upgraded, and each of which gains new abilities as the player collects achievements. These are not standard enemy types like “flying” or standard tower types like “long range and slow”–you haven’t seen these before in other tower defense games.”

Review: Out of Eight


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