Seas of Scred (Darkest Kale)

seas of scred

Homepage / Win & Mac / $3 (buy from

“Plunge into the Seas of Scred.

Breathe deep first though.

Seas of Scred takes on a playstyle similar to River Raid and other older games. Pick a submarine and guide Ruby (the Marine Biologist!) as she attempts to acquire enough credits to purchase a new research vessel (The Unsinkable II…. don’t ask). The trenches are viciously tight, and sadly someone dropped sea mines down there as well, so you’ll need to be under control in…. the Seas of Scred!


  • Different Subs – Choose the one that best suits your playstyle
  • Daily Trench – Each day, a new standardised trench will open up. Compete against fellow gamers and tweet your score to the hashtag #DailyTrench
  • Alternate graphics modes – EGA, Monogreen, C64 and two sets from the awesome CNIAngel!
  • Game Modes – Normal, Seed Zero (a standardised seed) and Daily!
  • Crabbens.
  • Ability to open twitter website & form a #DailyTrench tweet automagically
  • Version checking! (This will simply verify you have the latest version – it is NOT DRM, and will not prevent nor track play in any form)

Please note: This game requires 32 bit Java to run.”


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