Sol 0 – Mars Colonization (Chondrite Games)

Sol 0

Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux / Demo / $3.99 (early access pre-order, buy directly) / this game has been greenlit

“Can you survive on Mars? Sol 0 is a Mars colonization real time strategy game where you develop the first Martian colony. Sol 0 imagines the near future, with technology that could be available in the next decade (with a few exceptions). Make use of the minerals and resources on the Martian surface to grow from the first rover to a self-sustaining colony that can survive independently from Earth.


  • Explore the Martian environment and search for methane emissions, subsurface water, and mineral deposits.
  • Plan for dust storms and meteorite impacts that could cripple an unprepared colony.
  • Manage power, food, water, and oxygen, while prioritizing the supplies you bring to your colony to ensure its survival.
  • Cross-breed bacterial strains obtained from Earth’s extreme environments to increase food production on the Martian surface.
  • Ice caps, lava plains, and arid equatorial regions each offer distinct challenges to success, and randomly generated maps provide extended playability.”

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