Awaken: Underwater Odyssey (Pavel Hůrka)


Homepage / Win / Demo / $3.99 (buy from

“Awaken: Underwater Odyssey is vertical scrolling shoot em up game. Game takes place in far future on planet Neptune. You are member of Kraken squad whitch is stationed inside Leviathan class carrier craft owned by RPE corporation whitch oversees gas extracting operations on neptune.

Game is about annihilating thousands of squid like aliens while you pilot Orca MK II submarine whitch is highly customizable to fit pilots style.


  • modular ship customization offering 27 possible configurations
  • four main missions
  • boss alley mode
  • infinite onslaught mode(to be added soon)
  • stunning djent soundtrack made by Develop Device
  • simple but rewarding scoring system
  • handcrafted pixel graphics
  • supports xbox360 controller”

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