A Postcard From Afthonia – Special Edition (Jonas & Verena Kyratzes)


Homepage / Win / the regular edition is free / $3.33 (buy directly)

“Once upon a time, two seemingly different creatures decided to have a baby. (Such things are possible in the Lands of Dream.) But it was a time of revolution and war, and they were worried about their baby’s future, so they asked you to help them seek the wisdom of the Oracle…

A Postcard From Afthonia is a short excursion to the Isle of the Sun via the means of a magical portal. Said portal connects to events that take place after The Sea Will Claim Everything, but can be nevertheless be used by someone who has not taken that journey yet.

A Postcard From Afthonia is entirely free, but if you want to support the creation of magical portals, you can get the delicious Special Edition, which includes:

Exactly the same game as above.
Audio commentary by the writer/designer.
Three Memories: Henry Trollweather reminisces about growing up on the Isle of the Sun.
Traditional Afthonian Moussaka Recipe.
Bold letters to attract your attention.”


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