Dungeonmans (Adventurepro Games LLC)


Homepage / Win / $15 (early access pre-order, buy directly or from Steam)

“Kickstarted in 2013, it’s a lighthearted, classic Roguelike with permadeath, phat loots, lots of deep RPG character customization, and modern polish. Dungeonmans is a giant love letter to our favorite dungeon crawlers like Crawl: Stone Soup, Castle of the Wind, and Diablo.

Each player character is created from scratch with a classless skill system (60+ abilities). The turn-based combat is fast-paced and tactical with lots of unique movement abilities, items, and environments to keep things fresh. The twist is that through defeating powerful enemies and exploring the world, you can build up the Dungeonmans Academy, a persistent method of metagame progress that helps future heroes.


  • Turn-based, old-school Roguelike adventure glistening with polish
  • Over 100 nasty and unique monsters to fight, plus champions + bosses
  • Free form character building with 60+ abilities
  • Sprawling procedurally generated world with an array of dungeon types
  • Metagame progress through the Dungeonmans Academy system
  • 50+ minutes of original orchestral music styled after 16/32-bit RPGs”

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