Chess 2: The Sequel (Ludeme Games)

Chess 2

Homepage / Win / $14.99 (buy from Steam)

“Designed by legendary game designer David Sirlin, Chess 2: The Sequel unifies all that is great about chess with aspects from modern game design while fixing problems in the classic that have long bothered grandmasters and beginners alike.

There are six armies to choose from, a new win-condition called midline invasion (in addition to checkmates), and a double-blind valuation mechanic called dueling.


  • Cross platform play
  • Six armies to chose from, midline invasion, and dueling
  • A pleasant, cohesive experience fit for the “Game of Kings”
  • Online multiplayer with competitive ranked matchmaking
  • Beautiful and unique 2D and 3D piece sets for every army
  • Real-time play and asynchronous Correspondence play (Play by homing pigeon)”

Interview: Indie Statik


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