DOGFORCE: SEASONS (Cut Garnet Games)

Dogforce Seasons

Homepage / Win & Mac / free version / £1.50 (buy from

“DOGFORCE: SEASONS is a high-scoring, combo-chaining, secret-hiding dog simulator that challenges you to get as much dog business as possible done in 45 seconds. The latest update is the AUTUMN update – pumpkins, fireworks and lots of crunchy leaves to splash in.


  • Two new dogs – The Pug and The German Shepherd!
  • A Hallowe’en costume for each dog! Try out Beedog, Superdog and the spookiest Pug-witch you’ve ever seen.
  • Two new levels – crunch around the park as the sun sets in Autumn, and then stalk around a spooky Hallowe’en level – can you discover the mausoleum’s secrets?
  • Local high scores to keep a record of your greatest moments!

PLUS TWO MORE SEASONAL UPDATES TO COME – buy DOGFORCE: SEASONS now and you’ll get a Winter update with a whole new pack of levels, dogs and secrets, and the Spring update too.

TRY DOGFORCE FOR FREE – you can find the original, free jam version of DOGFORCE on here.”


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