We Are Doomed (Vertex Pop)

We Are Doomed

Homepage / Win & Mac / $4 (buy directly or from itch.io) / greenlight this!

“WE ARE DOOMED is a shoot-em-up set in a vibrant world of neon colours, glitching geometry, and the odd blocky sprite. The player is armed with an overpowered laserbeam super weapon to zap baddies that are multiplying at an alarming rate.

WE ARE DOOMED is all action, all the time. No cutscenes, storylines, or lengthy tutorials. Quick to start, and quick to restart for just one more game.

WE ARE DOOMED is not just about laserbeaming baddies in the face: it’s also about superBEAMING baddies in the face. And trust me, superBEAMING never gets old.

WE ARE DOOMED loves high score chasers. It especially loves it when you dive head-first into a sea of baddies just to make the most of your superBEAM, or to grab that last trinket.

WE ARE DOOMED looks and sounds gorgeous.

WE ARE DOOMED is fast paced twin stick shoot-em-up action.”


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