Doktor Kale’s Robot Constructor (Darkest Kale)

Doktor Kale

Homepage / Win / $2.50 AUD (buy from or bundled with Doktor Kale’s Creature Constructor ($5.00)

“Doktor Kale has entered the robotics market! It’s time to see what kind of robotic creation you really are.

Doktor Kale’s Robot Constructor is a robot generator, that chooses body parts and descriptions based upon the name provided. Each robot has its own CPU manufacturer and various statistics.


  • Large number of possible robots
  • Option to save monster image to file (for easy use as twitter icons!), or the monster image + bio.
  • Players who also own Doktor Kale’s Creature Constructor will be able to enable the Monster content from that generator, in order to create Robot/Monster hybrids.”

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