World’s Fastest Pizza (Oscar Brittain)

World's Fastest Pizza

Homepage / Win & Mac / $1.99 (buy directly (via Humble widget) or from Desura / greenlight this!

“World’s Fastest Pizza is a story of immigration, margaritas and rednecks set against a backdrop of suburban Australia.

It’s like… Paper Boy meets Hotline Miami, but instead of delivering papers, you deliver pizza, and instead of Russian mobsters, your foes are great white sharks, shotgun-wielding rednecks, and hungry hungry dingoes. YOU are the Pizza Boy: nameless, penniless; the unbreakable rock of Australian society that gets cheap pizza to the sweaty masses who hate you more than they hate their cake-faced wives. The only employee of WFP, an outer-suburban pizza joint, you must live by a single rule: Employees are replaceable, but pizza ain’t. Get it there on-time, or pay the price.”


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