Life of Pixel (Super Icon)

Life of Pixel

Homepage / Win & Mac / $6.99 (buy directly via Humble Widget, or from Steam)

“Inspired by the retro wonder days of 8-bit games, Life of Pixel is a traditional 2D platformer with plenty of modern gameplay elements. Featuring a massive variety of pixel art set over 80 retro-inspired levels of platforming goodness.

  • Explore ten classic 8-Bit gaming machines – Atari 2600, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, BBC Model B, Apple II, Nintendo GameBoy, NES & Master System!
  • 80 levels of platforming goodness with authentic pixel graphics based on each machine’s graphic limitations.
  • Fantastic chip music soundtrack using the sound chips for each machine.
  • Dozens of secrets to discover. Look out for jetpacks, bubbles to fly, trampolines, hidden rooms and areas, secret tunnels and even a Sinclair C5!”

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