SPACE/OFF (Merritt Kopas & Anna Anthropy)


Homepage / Win & Mac / $5 (buy from

“SPACE/OFF is a two-player action game by anna anthropy and merritt kopas, inspired by Star Control and about a breakup in space.

Play as jilted lovers MIND WOLF and COOL BUG and prove who’s angrier in one of three cosmic showdowns.

In WHAT’S YRS IS MINE, use your rear-mounted spacemine launcher to fend off your foe and boost out of the way of their attacks, but be careful not to run into your own mines!

In SHE’S THE BOMB, use your ship’s energy transducer to charge up the bombs floating around the area and push them into your opponent! Or, fire the transducer at their ship to scramble their controls at a critical moment!

In LASE HER, use your side-mounted laser projector to set traps and ensare your opponent. Watch out for the skulls — they’ll bounce off lasers and blow up your ships on impact!”


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