Bravada (Interbellum Team)


Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux / Demo / buy directly ($10), from Indiegamestand ($9.99), or Steam ($9.99)

“Bravada is a game that features several different game genres. From one viewpoint, it is an adventure game, where you play as a young dwarf, whose dreams are filled with adventure and glory. From another, it is turn based strategy. You manage and decide the actions of your party, which is chosen and built by yourself throughout the game. There are also plenty of weapons and equipment to find in Bravada to equip yourself with.


Turn based tactics with an action-game feel:
Move your team around with the WASD keys or drag and drop.
Play how you like: Run through each level slashing at your foes, or spend time strategizing over your next move.
Easy controls with fast gameplay, whilst remaining to be a deep tactical game at the same time.

Advanced Team Management:
Replenish fallen comrades with copies of any unit you see, even enemies!
Make sure to have your heroes in correct formation at all times.
More than 200 different units, each with their own stats and specialisation.
Branching upgrade paths for units to upgrade and mutate into as they grow in level.

Light-Hearted and comical story:
The main hero is a beardless dwarf! Lack of beard is a great issue for a dwarf, so deciding to follow your dreams on a great quest might solve this respect problem.
Hours of funny tactical story to follow.
Humorous descriptions of everything in game: from the hundreds of enemy types, to the weapons and equipments throughout the game.”


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