Destiny Of The Cubes

Destiny of the Cubes

Homepage / Win / free Alpha Demo / $7.99 (pre-order, buy directly via BMT Micro or from Desura) / greenlight this!

“Destiny of Cube is a real time strategy game. Discover huge random maps, gather resources, build your town and fight opposing factions in epic battles for supremacy of the map.

The gameplay is inspired by the great classics of RTS, but also draws on Roguelike as giving a great importance to the exploration of dark areas populated by strange creatures where factions can recover relics and Items. The project goal is to give each party a unique experience to the player, the opposing strategy games focus on e-sports.

Destiny Of The Cubes has currently 2 gametypes, classic gametypes whose goal is to destroy the bases of the opposing factions and a survival gametypes in which the goal is to resist as long as possible to waves of demonic cubes which attack your base every night.

The game is entirely in 2D, with a graphic style deliberately at odds with what is usual even in games of the genre.”


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