Fancy Skulls (tequibo)

fancy skulls

Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux / $8.99 (buy directly via Humble widget, from Indiegamestand, or from Steam)

“Fancy Skulls is a First Person Shooter with random generation where each enemy must be dealt with skill, wit and caution.

With random generation, the game is different every time you play it. There are no saves, which means that when you die, you will start over from the beginning. With permadeath implemented, each combat scenario becomes higher tensioned and each victory, more satisfying.

There are many useful items for you to find and these make each run feel like a unique experience. One run might have you recruit a friendly sentry while another gives you the polymorph spell.

There are 7 different weapons with non-linear upgrade paths. At the end of your run, you may be carrying a shotgun that shoots lightning, a SMG with burning bullets, a ray gun that does more damage when you have odd number of coins on you, and many more. There are over 50 upgrades and mods in total.”

Review: Rock, Paper, Shotgun / Indie Gamer Chick


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