Spandex Force: Champion Rising (KarjaSoft)

Spandex Force

Homepage / Win & Mac / Demo / buy directly ($6.99), from Indiegamestand ($6.99), or from Steam ($2.99)

“Create your own hero, train your superpowers and battle crooks and villains in this hex based puzzle RPG!

Play different minigames to level up your powers, earn money, rescue old ladies in distress, and defeat villains and crooks in hex based match-3 puzzle battles where you use your powers and your skills. In your quest you will meet colorful characters like the Blizzard Wizard, Countess Conundrum, Professor Aphasia, as well as evil robots, corrupt government officials and heroes in need of anger management training – and much more. There’s never a dull moment in the city of Vigilance Valley!

Reviews: Out of Eight / ManaPool

Key features:
– Hex based match-3 puzzles
– Seven exciting minigames
– Five acts of heroic action
– Four different endings
– Level up your superpowers
– 30 villains and evildoers to defeat”


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