Build & Defend (Achoum & Amandine)

Build & Defend

Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux / Demo / $9.90 (early access, buy directly)

“Build and Defend is a Multi-player Rogue-like Sandbox game.
Your goal is to find resources, build a fortress, setup a defense, and discover technologies in order to survive to hordes of creatures. The more the game goes, the better your fortress is, but the more aggressive are the monsters. The game is played at the 3th person. You can play alone or with your friends (several players on the same computer, or on Internet). Each game is unique (unique world, unique dungeons, unique monster patterns, unique technological recipe, etc.).

The game is divided in three parts:

The initial search of foods and resources to start the fortress, while fighting monsters by hand.
The design of your fortress, and the organization of the life of its inhabitants.
The exploration of other worlds (dungeons and hell) to find rare resources and artifacts.”


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