Icebound (Fastermind Games)


Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux / Demo / $14.99 (buy directly) / this game has been greenlit

“A dark-fantasy, mystery visual novel that takes place in a steampunk world locked in the depths of an ice age, Icebound features a non-linear plot with moral decisions, romance, and puzzle game elements. Icebound will contain full voiceover for the entire story, with the talents of LittleKuriboh as the main character, Dougal.

On the world of Permia, two races share a fragile peace. In the north lies the human-controlled Holy Empire, whose machinery and society both run with clockwork precision, and in the south, the feran Council, a powerful tribal alliance that seeks mastery of the spiritual arts. What both have in common is that they covet the ability to manipulate the forces of nature – one that comes naturally to those gifted with the power of alchemy.

A wandering alchemist named Dougal winds up in the isolated town of Isenbarr with his Familiar, Isaac, hoping to find a job and earn some spending money. But, when he stumbles across a lucrative challenge offered by a master alchemist and his clockwork servant, he must compete with three other unique individuals to obtain the powerful Philosopher’s Stone. In his search for a deadly monster, he becomes entangled with a beautiful secret agent whose motives are all but clear…


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