The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight (Alpha Six Productions)

The Joylancer

#Homepage / Win / Shareware version / $10 (pre-order, buy from

“In the land of ANTORIA, there exists a people who practice an ancient art of traveling combat, utilizing a new breed of weapon known as the “BURST ARMS” — hypercharged hybrid motor-weapons wielded by the LEGENDARY MOTOR KNIGHTS OF ANTORIA.

The LEGENDARY MOTOR KNIGHTS are gifted with incredible power, superhuman dexterity, and incredible resilience, making them the perfect guardians of ANTORIA.

When a MOTOR KNIGHT falls, they are quickly revitalized and able to perform in combat again. Their near invincibility allows them to participate in dangerous situations while never being at the risk of death– something which has become a sport among the knights.

JOY LANTZ suits up in her armor and equips her JOYLANCE– the drill-lance BURST ARM told of legends– and ventures into the land of LABYRINNA to conquer the labyrinths and stake her claim as ANTORIA’S #1 MOTOR KNIGHT!


7 minutes of gameplay footage:


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