Cubesis (Jindřich Pavlásek & Jan Horáček)


Homepage / Win / $4.99 (buy from Gamersgate, Indiegamestand, Desura, or Steam)

This game does not run with on-board Intel GPUs!

“Cubesis is a turn-based strategy game whose main features are maintaining and making use of a fragile balance of the gaming world and a fully adjustable terrain. The player assumes control of a civilization that has to prove itself in a world controlled by two gods – the creators of Cubeworld. The player faces interesting tasks, through which he gets to know the workings of the world so he can use them to his advantage. It is fully up to him how he will complete these tasks. Should a sea stand in his way, he can let it freeze over, dry it out or drain it. The terrain is also completely modifiable, you can dig through the entire gaming area. To achieve his goals, the player constructs buildings with unusual functions: the weathervane changes the direction of the wind while the plug closes a hole in the ground.

Key Features:
– Two gods with special powers and you can make them help you.
– Changeable environment which can be used in its extremes to reach your goals.
– Editable terrain – you can create dams, rivers, holes, canals etc.
– 24 enjoyable levels”


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