Reflection of a Fallen Feather (ForepawSoft)


Homepage / Win / Demo / Pay What You Want (buy directly via plug-in)

“Trapped in a mysterious labyrinth – explore crystalline caves, dim dungeons, and subterranean forested lakes in a quest to uncover an exit to the surface. Jump, smash, swim, and manipulate the environment to unveil artifacts used to access new areas or to strengthen your party in battle against the dangerous hordes wandering the labyrinth. To survive, transform into defeated enemies, and mix and match enemy abilities to create custom classes for your characters.

become the enemy—50 playable character types
full character customization—150 unique character abilities
hidden loot—dozens of unique accessories and tools
interactive open-world environment
fast-paced battle system—identify and exploit enemy weaknesses”

Impressions: IndieRPGs


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