Pluck (Ben Lapid)


Homepage / Win / $9.99 (buy directly or from / this game has been greenlit

“An interstellar envoy escorting the Beloved runs into trouble on its way back home. Your ship is destroyed and your crew is scattered. Disbanded and lost you find yourselves on Novem, a planet thought to have been lost. The crew quickly discover that the Dwen, the hamster-like creatures, that inhabit Novem are the key to finding The Beloved. Discover the secrets within Novem and save The Beloved.

Pluck is a challenging top-down action arcade game with RPG elements. Levels in Pluck are chosen randomly and are strung together by the game. Difficulty increases as you get further into the game. Every three levels, you must defeat a randomly chosen boss enemy. After three bosses, the game places you in an all-or-nothing match against a boss. If at anytime you die before reaching the end, you lose everything.”


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