Voyage to Farland (Peculiar Games)

Voyage to Farland

Homepage / Win & Linux / Demo / $2.99 (buy directly,  from Indiegamestand, or from Desura. Buying directly or from Indiegamestand also gets you the Android version) / greenlight this!

“Voyage to Farland is a cute but hardcore graphical roguelike inspired by the Japanese Mystery Dungeon games.

• 5 unlockable themed dungeons
• 4 NPCs you can recruit to help you fight
• rescue codes to save and be saved by other players

You are a wandering adventurer, looking for your kidnapped sister. But to find her, you’ll have to fight mask-wearing severed heads, ill-tempered ladybugs that spin and toss you (ahem, “Viper Beetles”), catapult-riding felines that lob items at you, plus more crazy monsters with crazier powers in this hardcore, permadeath adventure. No two attempts are ever the same. Replay value levelup! Are you up to the task?”

Review: Wraithkal


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