SBX: Invasion (Wakeskater Studio)

SBX Invasion

Homepage / Win / Demo / $4.99 (buy directly or from Indiegamestand, Desura, or Fireflower Games) / Greenlight this!

“Do you like Space Exploration shooters like Asteroids? Do the arbitrary restrictions in Tower Defenses bother you? Then you might want to check out SBX: Invasion Base Defense. A smooth blend of Free Form Fast-Action Tower Building and Shmup Space Blasting, SBX: Invasion takes tower defense strategy to a whole new level of action and gives the player unparalleled creative freedom.

SBX: Invasion is what I call an Action Tower Defense game. It’s fast paced, challenging and mixes in all the right elements from RTS, Sandbox and Top-down Space Shooter Genres.

It features:
– Free Building – No longer are you restrained to a few locations, build just about anywhere you want!

– Multiple AI Types with Dynamic Pathing – Enemies adjust to your defenses and will path around them, or try to destroy them! Watch out!

– A 10 Level Campaign with 3 Massive Bosses – Face off against Giant Orbital Satellites and Gigantean Battlecruisers as you defend the lives of the local space colonies!

– A Custom Map Creator – Create your own maps and share them with friends! The map creation system gives the player endless freedom to play and create their own experiences.”

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