3089 (Phr00t)


Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux / Demo / $9.89 (buy directly, from IndieGameStand, Desura, or Steam. Buying from IndieGameStand gets you Desura and keys. )

“3089 is a futuristic action role-playing game, featuring randomly generated terrain, quests, robots, enemies, items, buildings and more. Items and weapons can be customized and broken down into parts — find the rarest parts and put them together to make an amazing gun or set of armor! Hop from tree to tree with a grappling hook, or teleport between cover while being stealthy with a special blade…

The year is 3089, and you are an experimental robot capable of mass destruction, precision strikes, flying ships and many other abilities. You’ve been placed on an open-world planet called Xax by the Overlord. The Overlord wants to see how well you perform and hopefully stay within its control. Will you be too much for the Overlord to handle?

Co-op networked gameplay has been implemented — join up with a buddy to take on massive robots and quests together. You will also be able to merge with the other player to become a super robot!

This game is still in beta and is being heavily developed! ”


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