Pirate Code (Circuit Hive)

Pirate Code

Homepage / Win & Mac / Demo / $14.95 (buy directly) / this game has been greenlit

“Build a powerful fleet to stop the tide of darkness that is sweeping the seas! Pirate Code is a turn-based strategy game set on a hexagon grid. Opposing sides have fleets of ships, each with unique arrangements of cannons, range and speed. Captains are assigned to some ships, giving them powerful bonuses and teaching the crew new skills. As you explore the vast ocean and complete missions you’ll discover new ship designs, acquire more crew, and enlist able captains. Soon you’ll find the ocean engulfed by a new super power – one that is bent on opening the gate to the nether world. Your small band of pirates, mercenaries and outcasts is all that stands in its way. Live by your code.”


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