Irritum (Nick Padgett)


Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux / $9.99 (buy directly, from Indiegamestand, or Desura) / greenlight this!

“Irritum is a 3d platform indie game where you must leap your way back to reality. However, you can only be on one type of platform at a time. Change reality by altering the collisions between planes and obstacles, and make your way out of your sub conscience, or remain trapped in it forever.

Change which planes you can touch, each represented by a color, with a touch of a button. Reverse gravity and walk on the ceilings. Create a mirror image of yourself to reach places you cannot. Once you discover where you are and wh ou are there, make a decision to escape from your new world, or to return to the one you already escaped.

Irritum is a new step in emotional exploration for games. Discover why you are trapped in Limbo. Remember what you did to get there. Decide whether or not to escape. ”


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