Meganoid: Grandpa’s Chronicles (OrangePixel)

Meganoid 2

Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux / Demo / $4.99/4,99€ (buy directly)

What: Meganoid2 is the challenging sequel to the highly acclaimed Meganoid 1 (over a million downloads and counting!). Meganoid2 is available for Android, iOS, Playbook, Mac, Windows and Linux

Story: You thought battling aliens in space was difficult when you survived Meganoid 1?  Well your grandpa has another view on that, as he tells you about his adventures in the ancient tombs and temples of his youth in : Meganoid: Grandpa’s chronicles

Gameplay: We took all the original Meganoid gameplay, and modified, enhanced and where needed improved it.  Meganoid2 starts of easy to get you back into the game, but you will quickly run into tortures chambers, traps, and obstacles…Let the torture continue!

Graphics: The game comes in full 8-bit pixelart style, big and bold graphics.

Audio: Awesome music by Gavin Harrison, and great sound effects to enhance the experience!

Developer: The game is designed, programmed and pixelated by Orangepascal”


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