Electronic Super Joy (Michael Todd Games)

Electronic Super Joy

Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux / $7.99 (buying directly gets you a Steam key)

“Play through 45 pulse-pounding levels, across 3 brutal worlds, over 8+ hours of gameplay!
Groove to over 90 minutes of unique music, by EnV, Electronic Music Maker Extraordinaire.
Jump, Smash, Fly, and Dance to defeat 3 massive Boss fights!

Challange & defeat 3 brutal Bosses.
First, the Pope, gone insane!
Next, a huge godzilla monster summoned from another existance!
Last, an Evil Grooving Wizard, who stole your butt & against whom you’ve sworn revenge.

Hardcore platforming, with levels designed by people with twisted hate filled minds.
45 brutal levels, 8+ hours of gameplay.
Pulsing electronic music, drum n bass, techno, dance and house.

Review: watch some Indie Impressions!


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