Particulars (SeeThrough Studios)


Homepage / Win, Mac & Linux / $see below (pre-order, buy directly)

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast, uncaring world? Maybe you need a new perspective. Look close. Closer still. And closer…
This is the world of subatomic particles, the basis of all things. Quarks curve gracefully through this no-space, locked in intricate dance-steps laid down by the physical laws of the universe. There is order here, and purpose. And if there is purpose here, there there is purpose in all things. I hope you find that thought as calming as I do.

We’re doing a soft-launch of our Particulars Alpha, meaning that you can get the game earlier than everyone else for less than everyone else.

By buying this early version, you get:

The game as it exists now (PC, Mac and Linux Versions)
All updates to the game as we build it, including (and potentially beyond) our full release version
Desura and Steam keys for the game, if/when the game is released on those platforms
A say in shaping the game’s path

The game, when it’s done, will cost at least $10. The alpha program, when fully launched, will cost at least $5. We’re giving the first 125 people here the chance to get it for less than either of those amounts. The price will increase as more people buy it – the sooner you buy the game, the less you pay.”


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