Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road (Mindwedge)

Monster Minis

Homepage / Win & Linux / Demo / $7.99 (buy from Desura) / greenlight this!

“Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road, the initial offering from micro studio Mindwedge, lays on the nitrous in a big way and gets some serious air off with retro racing that takes off-road in new directions. But this is not a retread of past retro games. As an independent, this studio has been able to explore some very unique and unexpected racing challenges along with a mix of terra-firma themes. A retro look and a surreal style are only the beginning of the ways that this single-player title takes you back to when racing was a personal experience for as long as you could handle it.

Lean and mean, this game puts you in the action fast and keeps you there, not in menus or watching pretty animations. With a whopping 90 tracks over 18 themes, you’ll be racing for hours and hours before you finish this game on the first run. Think you’re a hardcore racer? Not until you beat this game on hard difficulty where the AI are relentless and cut you absolutely no slack.

But it’s not all hardcore either. Easier difficulty modes add unexpected game mechanics to the mix, such as a feature called “Bully Truck” which lets you bash your way through the competition as if they were toys. Tested and proven, even a 5-year-old can have fun with this.”


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