Valcarta I: Rise of the Demon (Blacksword Games)


Homepage / Win / Demo / $5.07 (buy directly)

“Valcarta is a magical world suspended high above the clouds out of reach of you or I… And on this island-like world are many things far greater then anything our world has seen. Magic and Monsters rule over these lands, not machines or money. Valcarta is a strange place indeed, will you dare to take a peek?

Valcarta I: Rise of the Demon, takes place on this magical world, within a province called Drachell. You will play as a young man named Valak, a villager from Orm. On a special day, where he is called upon by the mayor, Valak finds himself thrown into adventure by receiving a mysterious power by a witch! Little does he know, he is now on his way to sealing the fate of Valcarta and all on it forever.

Key Features
Split Path Storytelling: Experience the story and events of Rise of the Demon as they unfold from two different perspectives.
Old School RPG Action: Side-view battle system, an immersive world and story, unique characters with their own personal history, quests and more.
Unique Game Play: Both paths of the game play differently, with new characters and new skills unique to each path
Unique Fighting Styles: Each playable character has a different plethora of skills giving you the ultimate strategic advantage over your foes!
Life Filled World: Experience and explore Drachell, a small isolated province on Valcarta. Talk with NPCs, learn about your fellow companions, the races within Drachell and more.
Explore & Discover: There is over 15 hours of game play for each path of the game, totaling over 30 hours! Discover secret quest lines for your allies and secret lore as you try to restore peace to Drachell.
Finely Crafted Time Line: Experience a split path adventure like never before. The events of Drachell will unfold, regardless of which path is being played. Follow Valak through the telling of the Dark or Light path of the game and see the detail within the common time line.”


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