Earth Defenders HD (InvaderGames)

Earth Defenders HD

Homepage / Win / $3.99 (buy directly, from Indievania, or from Desura)

“Earth Defenders HD is a neo-retro styled arcade game, featuring elements from tower defense and old school console games, now available for Android and PC.

▪ Story mode (4 chapters, 28 missions)
▪ ‘Infinite’ wave based arcade mode.
▪ More than 10 bosses to battle with trough both Arcade and Story mode.
▪ Unlocks and upgrades for both modes.
▪ 25 Story mode achievements.
▪ Cross-platform online High-scores tables.
▪ Redeem/promotional codes.
▪ Configurable controls layout.
▪ DRM-free.
▪ Cross-platform. (Windows and Android, Mac coming in the future!)
▪ Hordes of aliens!”


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