Cool-B in Search of Floyd (Solanimus)


Homepage / Win & Mac / $1.99 (buy directly)

“In Cool-B in Search of Floyd, you play as Cool-B the cat on his journey to find his brother, Floyd. These were two cats that I had in real life. Floyd passed away, and Cool-B dramatically changed, searching for Floyd and calling for him every night. It was then, when I was much younger, that I began thinking about the story for this game.

The game is a speed and minigame-based platformer that’s radically different every time it’s played. It features super tight controls, colorful and wild hand drawn graphics, fantastic music, and an extremely wide variety of gameplay. Every time you play, the game is drastically different, as this will always give the player a new adventure to enjoy. The game is built for competitive play as well as casual play, and for both long and short play sessions. The main adventure is enjoyable for anyone, as well as the plethora of extra modes and other unlockables.

You can easily tell from the story that there is also a very artistic and personal side to the game as well, besides the easy-to-learn but hard-to-master gameplay. There is a lot of symbolism in every aspect of the game, and in between the levels, another cat of mine, Shadow, guides Cool-B on his journey with quotes about life, love, and never giving up.

This game can be appreciated by any person of any age, and a portion of all proceeds from sales goes to charities benefiting animals. The PC and Mac versions come with the 21-track soundtrack included.”


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