Beast Boxing Turbo (Goodhustle Studios)

Homepage / Win & Mac / Demo / $4.99 (buy directly, from Gamersgate, Desura, or from Steam)

“Beast Boxing Turbo is our artfully designed first-person boxing game where you can punch a turkey in the face.

You play a secret human boxer in a beastly world. She’s outmuscled, undersized, and in way over her head. Can she master the skills needed to get to the top of the legendary boxing leagues of Beasthalla?

Beast Boxing Turbo is a complete remake of critically-acclaimed iPhone game Beast Boxing 3D from 2010. The game has been completely redesigned for the desktop market, with rewritten story, additional content, redesigned fight mechanics, faster action, hugely improved character upgrade and gear systems, and redesigned enemy AI. We took the past two years of player feedback to recreate the gameplay in a way that emphasizes speed, quick reactions, and the zen of fighting.”

Review: True PC Gaming / Indie Impressions


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