Wisps – The Redeeming (Jungle Troll Entertainment)

Homepage / Win (Mac coming soon) / Demo / $4.99 (buy from Indievania, Desura, or Indiecity)

“An arcade game inspired by all time arcade classics with fast-paced action but a chilling and relaxing mood in which you, as a wisp god, use a firefly to guide your demi-god son through the dark woods in his effort to redeem the souls of the corrupted wisps that dwell there before the time runs out.

Infinite levels with increased difficulty/complexity
Randomly generated labyrinths that need to be solved
Power-ups with positive and negative effects based on chance
Multiple environments with weather effects (more than 50 combinations)
Original control scheme involving acceleration using the mouse
Thrilling, fast paced action
Relaxing atmosphere and cool soundtrack”


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